031 – Understanding our Energy and How to Hold Space with Kilani Daane

031 – Kilani Daane is a former NCAA Division I athlete who has found her calling in the coaching industry. She helps clients find the strategy they need in life and business. She specializes in working with clients’ energy rather than against it. Her vision is to bridge the gap in corporate and family culture between generations. 

2:00 – The 5 energy states that Kilani uses to assist clients with their communication 
6:30 – Kilani’s first introducing to these 5 energy spheres and her father’s coaching business 
10:15 – which of the 5 energy types are the most common?
13:15 – the importance of honest feedback and how much tough love is too much? 
15:15 – creating an environment where honest feedback and naming how we harm each other 18:15 – how did Kilani grow from the pressure cooker of a division 1 college sports environment? 
22:15 – as a coach, how does Kilani evaluate how far she can push a client? 
25:15 – what does it say about men that most women who seek coaching are women? (from anecdotal evidence) 
28:45 – why should I dream big? 
36:15 – Kilani’s take on the male / female dynamic and how can men learn to hold space?
42:15 – 3 Things Game

  • Kilani’s question – what are three things you have learned about leadership? 
  • Thomas’ question- what are three things you have learned from getting in trouble? 

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