030 – Kushal Choksi, 9/11 Survivor & Author of On A Wing and a Prayer: Spirituality for the reluctant, the curious and the seeker

030 – Kushal Choksi is an author, entrepreneur, chocolatier, and a practitioner and teacher of  breathwork and meditation. He was previously a Wall Street trader. On September 11, 2001, Kushal escaped from inside the World Trade Center and his life was forever changed. Thomas and Kushal discuss how his values shifted after 9/11, what led him to the conscious path, and his reflections on how individuals can contribute to a more harmonious society. His new book, On a Wing and a Prayer, discusses how he overcame initial skepticism to embrace a conscious path.

Time Stamps: 

3:00 – Kushal’s background, education, and career from finance to startups to entrepreneurship 
5:00 – the irony of fearing the judgement of others
7:45 – Kushal’s story of escaping the World Trade Center & the ensuing perspective change 
10:45 – How did Kushal process the trauma of 9/11? 
17:15 – Where did Kushal’s initial hesitancy around meditation come from?  
21:30 – life as an expression of happiness rather than the pursuit of happiness 
27:30 – how to prepare for unexpected upheavals in life  
32:30 – what we can infer from the near universal fear of the unknown? 
43:00 – Infinitesimal daily changes that accumulate over time 
45:30 – 3 Things Game

  • Kushal’s question – what are 3 things you have learned about money? 
  • Thomas’ question – what are three things I have learned about change?

Kushal’s Book, On a Wing and a Prayer
Maharishi effect 

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