December 2021

036 – My Friend Francisco

036 – Francisco is a friend of Thomas’ from Sonoma, California. In his personal life, Francisco is an accomplished pianist and speaks four languages (English, Portuguese, Spanish, and Arabic). Francisco manages a homeless outreach center in Sonoma and runs the weekly public radio show, “Hello Sonoma!”, where he interviews local people to tell their stories […]

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033 – Equity in Work Meetings with Susann Fisher

033 – Susann Fisher is a product and marketing strategy professional with a tech background. Susann and her co-founders are in early stages of launching their meeting facilitation tool Calvah, which enables equitable and inclusive meetings. Timestamps:2:30- Susann’s professional background  5:00 – How was Susann’s experience of Covid in Berlin?7:30 – How the work-from-home experience

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