032 – T Keaton-Woods, Wonder Woman for the Soul

032- T is a transformational coach who strives to create a sacred space for her clients to get curious and claim their own passion and pleasure. She champions integrity and self-investment for artists, creatives, and founders that have let the voices and desires of others dilute their own authentic creative spark. With a blend of authority and feminine ease, T is dedicated to working 1-1 with clients to guide them to connect with themselves and answer their soul’s calling. She is Founder and Coach of The T Hive, a new coach with Electric Woman, and has the pleasure of supporting talented actors at The 5 Management.

2:30 – T’s background, career path & how to identify  purpose 
6:30 – How did T reach her current state of  self confidence?
12:30 – curiosity vs judgement mindset
14:30 – what about artists and creatives drew T in as a coach?
16:30 – what is imposter syndrome?
22:00 – the legacy of Michelle Obama and the most impactful role models in T’s life (Nina Simone, Josephine Baker, Dr. Betty Shabazz, Maya Angelou, Mavis Staples)
27:30 – growing the pie vs zero sum game mindset (in personal life and the D&I discussion) 
36:30 – fallacy of advice
40:30 – how to navigate unsolicited advice and the “you should do it this way” mentality 
44:00 – 3 things game

  • T’s question – what are  three things you have learned from making mistakes?
  • Thomas’ question – what are  three things you have learned about friendship?

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