103 – The Rule of Law and Public Defense, with Duncan Varda

Duncan Varda is a criminal defense attorney in Kentucky focused on litigating felony cases. Prior to becoming an attorney, Duncan served as a Foreign Service Officer in South America, North Africa, and the Middle East, and is a Marine Corps veteran with multiple combat deployments in Iraq and Afghanistan.


1:00 – What is DPA? – Kentucky Dept of Public Advocacy; 

7:30 – Duncan’s path: Marine Corps -> State Dept-> Pubic Defense 

15:00 – What is the rule of law and how does it affect our lives? 

24:00 – Overcharging & Wrongful Imprisonment 

37:00 – Policing 

47:00 – Qualified Immunity 

Kentucky Department of Public Advocacy: https://dpa.ky.gov/who-we-are/

National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers: https://www.nacdl.org/

National Association for Public Defense: https://www.publicdefenders.us/

Gideon’s Promise: https://www.gideonspromise.org/