104- Understanding Trauma as a Biological Injury with Dr. Shauna Springer

Dr. Shauna Springer – known as “Doc Springer” in the veteran community, is one of the nation’s leading experts on PTSD and transitional trauma. In addition to speaking and writing engagements, Dr. Springer is Chief Psychologist at Stella, a health care organization on the cutting edge of biological interventions and psychedelic therapy for treatment of severe trauma exposure. Dr. Springer holds a PhD in Counseling Psychology.


1:30 – Podcasting 

5:00 – Bids for Attention in relationship and day-to-day interactions; “phubbing” 

10:00 – Profile of someone who experienced childhood trauma; creating a protector image 

16:00 – universal impact of trauma; all walks of life 

19:00 – Extroversion vs Introversion: introverts are not unfriendly 

34:00 – Trauma as a biological injury; ketamine therapy Stellacenter.com

40:00 – Psychedelic Medicine vs mindfulness

47:00 – Therapeutic Modalities 

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