041- An Uncommon and Extraordinary Life with Terry Tucker

041-  Terry Tucker is a retired police officer and SWAT team negotiator, NCAA basketball player and cancer patient. After coping with a rare from of melanoma in his foot, Terry eventually had his leg amputated and now has a  new diagnosis elsewhere in his body. After a young person asked him for life advice, he crafted ten guiding principles to live by and wrote a memoir: “Sustainable Excellence: Ten Principles To Leading Your Uncommon And Extraordinary Life”

2:45 – Introduction to Terry and the motivation behind writing his memoir 
9:30 – the “if you need anything let me know” cop-out 
12:30 – self- limiting beliefs 
19:15 – stepping away from blaming others and taking responsibility for your own success 
21:30 – Terry’s perspective on the criticisms of policing in recent years as a retired police officer 
26:00 – listening to respond vs listening to understand 
39:30 – Terry’s perspective on drug law and prohibition after spending a career enforcing that law 
44:30 – what role does faith play in Terry’s life? 
50:30 – the fallacy of chasing money and power + your purpose doesn’t have to be your job + Terry’s Book recs (Legacy – James Kerr) 
56:00 – 3 Things Game 

  • Terry’s question: what are three things you have learned about leadership? 
  • Thomas’ question- what are three things you learned about listening 

Terry’s book and website

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