042 – MMA, Rugby and Mental Health with Marlon

042- Marlon is a rugby player, veteran, double black belt and MMA fighter. After meeting after a rugby match, Thomas and Marlon recorded a conversation where Marlon shared his journey of overcoming depression and substance abuse, accepting and diving into his feelings and mental health, and words of encouragement for other people who are struggling and afraid to look at what’s behind the curtain.

3:30 – Intro and Rugby chat, NorCal’s newest team the Fresno Golden Dogs 
8:45 – Marlon’s background and milestones in his life 
13:30 – Being in the army and forced to address mental health, processing childhood trauma, struggles with alcohol 
23:00 – How does Marlon let his friends know it’s going to be ok? 
30:30 – Marlon’s martial arts background and MMA training 
37:30 – Marlon’s reflections on being in the Navy & words of encouragement for people dealing with substance abuse 
45:30 – What was it that pushed Marlon over the line to acknowledge and accept his mental health challenges and what can we infer from that about helping other people?
48:30 – 3 Things Game 

  • Thomas’ Question – motivation 
  • Marlon’s Question – communication 

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