040 – The Legend Dave Gold

040 – Dave Gold is a lifelong spiritual seeker, retired trial attorney, divorcee who eventually found true love, and entrepreneur. Nearly 70 years old, Dave still has a spark in his eye and a passion for leveraging his life experiences to help clients define what is “theirs to do.” Thomas and Dave immediately hit it off and this conversation has a natural chemistry. The two men model exactly what Bro Nouveau seeks to normalize: mutual admiration, vulnerability, healthy debate and optimism. 

3:30 – mutual back patting, Dave is 70 years old and has the energy of the child
5:00 – Dave’s strategies to attain love as a young man: first chasing money, then spiritual enlightenment 
7:00 – 60 years old and life falling apart 
15:00 – the analogy of love – story from a monastery 
18:30 – the empath’s reality – how do I live in a harsh world with a tender heart? 
24:00 – managing judgmental feelings 
27:00 – Dave’s reflections on being a trial attorney – bias in picking juries, mass incarceration, fighting to keep an innocent man out of jail in West Virginia 
38:00 – mistakes and boundaries 
41:30 – manipulation 
44:45 – the salesperson dilemma – how to stay authentic 
46:30 – managing controlling traits in a relationships 
55:30 – 3 Things Game 

  • Dave’s question – what are three things you have learned about happiness? 
  • Thomas’ question – what are three things you have learned about forgiveness 


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