017 – Seven Jacobs

017 – Seven Jacobs is a young social entrepreneur, speaker, and advocate for mental health. As well as being the Founder and CEO of an entrepreneurship education start-up called StartrHub and the host of a mental health podcast for young leaders called Lost and Searching, he has helped build startups in music, tech, and consulting, and is training as a coach. Follow Seven on Instagram: @seven.jacobs

1:55 – Seven’s origin story moving from L.A. to the U.K. 
4:55 – Seven’s career path: social entrepreneur 
8:25 – how does one get into entrepreneurship? 
14:25 – how Seven approaches coaches other young entrepreneurs
19:25 – poor vs broke 
20:25 – the power of mindset & positive self talk 
24:10 – what is worth worrying about on your deathbed?
29:10 – how do I be more light and carefree? 
36:25 – suicide in men, the idea that “it is okay ”, and what is true listening?
45:25 – 3 Things Game 

  • Seven’s question: what are three things your childhood taught you?
  • Thomas’ question: what are three things you have learned from listening? 

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