016- Eloka Obi

016 – Eloka Obi is a former college rugby teammate of Thomas’  who double majored in statistics and environmental studies with a minor in mathematics. This fall he will begin a MS in Artificial Intelligence.

Thomas and Obi discuss the insincere side of woke whiteness, the importance of personal agency and self-accountability, and Obi disputes the claim that the inequality out outcomes between white people and minorities is due to racism.

1:30 – Intro & Rugby Reminiscing
5:00 – Obi’s intellectual framework & introduction of today’s topic- pros and cons of woke approach to racial justice
8:00 – Immigrants’ work ethic 
10:00 – CRT 
13:30 – There are disparate outcomes between minorities and the majority in the US – is that due to racism, or something else? Obi’s Take
20:00 – the golf dilemma 
24:30 – the importance of personal agency 
29:30 – Is meritocracy in the US racist? 
35:00 – how white and black people are portrayed differently in US media & why is that? 
38:30 – the dangers of white guilt and how it can be self-serving
40:30 – 3 Things Game

  • Thomas’ question – what are three things you have learned about time? 
  • Obi’s question – what are three things you have learned about food?) – special guest – space time continuum 101 + multiple variable calculus & partial differential equations)