018 – Daniel “DD” DiChiro

018- Daniel “DD” DiChiro is a friend of Thomas’ who is a structural engineer by trade and is starting an MBA program in the fall. DD and Thomas discuss Dan’s recent personal development efforts, namely (1) a more wholistic lifestyle with limited drinking and better sleep, (2) learning about anti-racism and Allyship, and (3) taking ownership of personal finances and starting the journey to financial freedom.

3:15 – who is DD?
 5:55 – how does one be lighthearted?

·       For DD: when not feeling great, giving himself the permission to rest and recharge 
10:40 – the concept of social media as a highlight reel
11:55 – boundaries 
18:35 – Allyship and the potential pitfalls
22:10 – DD’s ride for change fundraiser
28:55 – how does one start an inward journey? 
33:55 – the power of limiting substances and quality sleep 
38:25 – personal finances and the path to financial freedom
46:25 – 3 Things Game 

·       DD’s question: what are 3 things you have learned from men?

·       Thomas’ question: what are 3 things you have learned about commitment? 

Let me Know What Topics to Discuss Next!!

No One Left Behind
International Rescue Committee

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