050 – Learn Spanish & Intercultural Communication- with Cayo Rodrigo

050 – Cayo is Thomas’ friend from Peru who lives in San Francisco. After climbing the corporate ladder and becoming a CEO in Peru, Cayo was burned out, unhappy and did not know himself. He went to the jungle in Peru for 3 months to work with Shamans. Along the way he brought up the fears, traumas, and insecurities he had been ignoring and got closer to identifying his purpose in life. He now is a Spanish teacher in San Francisco who, in addition to teaching the language, teaches Latin culture to build cultural connections. Thomas and Cayo dive deep on Cayo’s journey and discuss the nuances of finding yourself and relating to others, with plenty of laughs and tangents. 


1:30 – How Thomas and Cayo met
4:00 – Cayo’s language teaching philosophy: “language is an expression of culture”; nonverbal communication, body language and communication differences between Latin cultures and the US
16:00 – Burning out and traveling to the jungle for 3 months of ceremonies with
25:00 – Uncovering hidden and repressed traumas and fears with the ayahuasca 
30:00 – Navigating the expectations of the people who love us the most 
35:30 – Importance of talking about difficult emotions. 
41:00 – Laughing at yourself

Cayo’s Spanish School