049 – How to Escape Pornography Addiction with Dr. Eddie Capparucci

049 – Eddie Capparucci, Ph.D., LPC, specializes in treating Problematic Sexual Behaviors including pornography. He is creator of the unique Inner Child Model for the treatment of Problematic Sexual Behaviors. Thomas and Dr. Capparucci discuss his book, Going Deeper: How the Inner Child Impacts Your Sexual Addiction, which centers unresolved childhood trauma and externalizing the damaged inner child as a way to understand and prevent problematic behavior. Dr Caparrucci shares how damaging pornography is to viewers and actors, and how men’s inability to sit with emotional discomfort is directly linked to problematic behavior. 


1:30 – Background, Licensed Professional Counselor specializing in men’s sex and pornography addiction
4:30 – What is it about faith that grounds people and keeps them engaged?
7:30 – Dr. Capparucci’s book for sex and pornographic addicts, Going Deeper, is written with an empathetic tone – why is that? 
9:15 – Core causes of addition (1) unresolved childhood pain points (2) inability to sit with emotional pain and distress (3) emotional immaturity 
13:00 – externalizing the addict 
15:30 – what is an emotional trigger?
18:00 – what is the true scope of sex and pornography addiction? 
22:15 – why should people avoid pornography?
35:00 – Men are oblivious to the emotional needs of others 
40:30 – we have the ability to devastate others emotionally 
42:30 – Spark by Seek Discomfort Conversation Game 

  • Thomas’ Question – when was the last time I tried something for the first time? 
  • Dr. Capparucci’s Question – name something you could not live without

Dr. Capparucci’