015- Nico, aka the Most Interesting Man in the World

015- Nico is a human resources business partner at a major organization and was a classmate of Thomas’ in college. The two reconnect and look back on their unique area of study, Organizational Sciences, and how it influences their perspectives on the workplace. Nico gives an overview of the career path to becoming a HR business partner, how he takes a leadership role in his company in diversity and inclusion efforts, and how he approaches self-improvement.

1:45 – How Nico approaches a new social environment 
2:55 – lessons learned from moving often growing up & self preservation through observation 
5:30 – Organizational Psychology 
8:15 – What is an HR business partner and what is the career path? 
15:45 – How and why Nico took a leadership role during the D&I push of summer 2020 
25:45 – The mainstream media’s portrayal of what men should care about and how it can improve 
27:45 – How did Nico develop his empathetic mindset? 
33:05- The potential for mediation to positively impact kids’ lives and what we as adults forget about what it was like being a child
42:45 – 3 Things Game 

  • Nico’s Question – what are three things you have learned about love? 
  • Thomas’ question – what are three things you have learned about leadership?

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