012- Toe the Line with Author Joyce Fields

012- Joyce Fields is the author of 10 books written in the ethos of inspiring her audience to make the world a better place.

Joyce and Thomas discuss two of her books, “Mother’s Dozen: An Easy Recipe for Raising Great Kids”, and “The Best Way to Keep a Man is Let Him Go” and how the behaviors we observe in childhood reverberate throughout our lives. They also discuss the state of the racial awakening among white people in the United States, the gendered narratives boys and girls are given as kids, and the importance of chasing one’s dream.


3:25 – “A Mother’s Dozen” ingredients for raising great children
10:00 – Lessons from Joyce’s son 
12:00 – The lifelong impact of how we were raised
17:30 – The Golden Rule
22:30 – Why don’t white people speak up on race? 
27:00 – Joyce’s assertion that 80% of a success in a relationship falls on the woman
32:30- What should men be bringing to a relationship? (with a woman)
36:00 – The importance of patience and its effect on maturity
41:00 – 169 original quotes to live by 
42:30 – 3 Things Game 

Items Referenced:
LaTasha Brown
Ben Crump

Joyce’s Website
3 Things Game
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