027 – Musician Series: Peter Pedro

027 – Peter Pedro is a recording artist from Brasilia, Brazil who lives in San Francisco. Peter and Thomas discuss Peter’s experience moving to the US, breaking away from his family’s values and charting his own path in life, and the insecurities, growth and inspiration that show up in his self-work.

1:45 – Peter’s musical background & influence of his father, a lute player
7:45 – Peter’s experience moving to the US and being perceived as Latino for the first time
13:15 – Diving into self- development courses & how Peter learned to identify what people are feeling vs what they are showing
21:45 – Learning who oneself is before diving into a committed relationship
28:45 – The slow progress and tangible breakthroughs of emotional processing
30:45 – Devaluing the approval of others
34:45 – benefits of living in the Bay Area
39:45 – high depression and suicide rates in men compared to women and what it means about our culture
44:45 – learning who your true friends are and finding friends who reinforce your values
57:45 – 3 Things Game
Peter’s question – commitment
Thomas’ question – passion

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