Bro Nouveau Podcast episodes!

020 – Mark Henick

020- In 2002, Mark Henick was about to jump from an overpass when a stranger grabbed him and dragged him back over the railing. Today, he is an internationally recognized mental health strategist, advocate, speaker, and media commentator. His TEDx talk is one of the most watched in the world. He regularly speaks to diverse …

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019 – Lily Walford

019 – Lily Walford is an international dating coach who enables busy professionals to date safely and successfully using CIA level behavioral psychology, profiling and body language frameworks. Thomas and Lily discuss her path to this career, how to handle relationships with narcissists, and practical tips for reading body language in a date setting. Timestamps:2:30 …

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017 – Seven Jacobs

017 – Seven Jacobs is a young social entrepreneur, speaker, and advocate for mental health. As well as being the Founder and CEO of an entrepreneurship education start-up called StartrHub and the host of a mental health podcast for young leaders called Lost and Searching, he has helped build startups in music, tech, and consulting, and is training …

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016- Eloka Obi

016 – Eloka Obi is a former college rugby teammate of Thomas’  who double majored in statistics and environmental studies with a minor in mathematics. This fall he will begin a MS in Artificial Intelligence. Thomas and Obi discuss the insincere side of woke whiteness, the importance of personal agency and self-accountability, and Obi disputes …

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