044- A Warning to Young Men About “Red Pill” Dating Ideology

044 – Thomas recently learned of online “red pill” dating solutions. He and his friend, James, sit down to examine some of the ideas presented in Rollo Tomassi’s book, The Rational Male, the self proclaimed “bible of the red pill.”

James has experience with this red pill community from an earlier time in his life when he was socially isolated and frustrated with his dating fortunes. These ideas take a kernel of truth and build a narrative that encourage men to blame women for their own perceived dating “failures”, and distort the role of power in relationships and dating.

3:00- James’ background and masculine influences, the outsized influence of older kids in high school 
10:30 – Red Pill background 
14:00 – life is an annoying shade of grey 
20:30 – Everyone, on some level, is operating on “this is high school and I want to be perceived as cool”
22:45 – Red pill ideas substitute “manipulative person” with “women”
24:30 – “Plate Theory”  – our translation “keeping people disempowered to keep them with you”
30:30 – “Men’s Value increases, Women’s Decreases” – our translation: “women are only as valuable as their youth
36:30 – “The Wall” – our translation – “blaming women for my shortcomings in being unattractive”
40:30 – the problematic nature of pretending to be in control 
44:30 – Talk to women about their experiences dating and get a more realistic look at the dating world compared to the narrative found in these forums
46:45 – 3 Things Game 

  • James’ Question: What are three things you would like to tell your younger self? 
  • Thomas’ Question: What are three things you have learned about women?

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