035- The Man that Can with Lachlan Stuart

035 – Lachlan Stuart is a former professional rugby player who created and operates the Man that Can Project, through which he empowers men to build more muscle, meaning, momentum, and mateship, by mastering 8 essential areas of life.

3:30 – The Lost Art of Conversation & engaging with strangers
11:30 – Lachie’s mental health journey and path to holding himself to a higher standard 
21:00 – Good sound byte 
25:00 – Getting specific about identifying the most important things each of us want to improve about ourselves and incremental improvements 
30:00 – Hanging around people that empower us and challenge us to grow
33:00 – Staying consistent with goals (do fewer things, give them more time, become very proficient at them)
40:00 – what does healthy masculinity mean to Lachie 
42:00 – navigating when and how to speak with privilege 
52:30 – three things game 

The Man That Can Project