034 – David Lee, Co-Founder of Hummy, the Soju Craft Seltzer

034 – David Lee is an investment banking professional who recently launched a Soju craft cocktail brand. David and Thomas (who went to the same high school), discuss overcoming regulatory hurdles in creating an alcohol brand, brand story, learning how to see around the next corner as an entrepreneur, how to find meaning in work that you don’t care for, and developing empathy via self-reflection. 

2:50 – David’s intro & path to founding Hummy, a Soju craft cocktail brand 
7 :00 – talent can only take you so far, hard work and critical thinking get you over the line
10:00 – what about food and bev attracted David? (Soju is the most consumed alcohol by volume globally, the rise in popularity of Japanese cuisine is an indicator of an appetite for Asian flavors)
13:30- How did David approach market research and competitive analysis? 
17:00 – Brand stories
20:30 – sourcing material and ingredients, supplier relationships 
24:30 – successful brands and businesses have the vision to see what’s around the corner – can that be taught & learned?
27:00 – good sound byte – working backwards 
28:30 – lessons learned from toxic work cultures & being fired (I am not my career)
37:00 – how to approach a job you don’t love or find passion in 
41:30 – take time for yourself 
43:45 – what is it about the journey within that has the potential to make people more selfless?
47:45 – 3 Things Game 

  • David’s Question: what are three things you have learned about food?
  • Thomas’ Question: what are three things you have learned about love?


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