023 – Jonathan Dumas, Host of the Real Talk with Dumas Podcast

023 – Jonathan Dumas is the founder and owner of CommonCulture Coaching & Consulting. He is an Organizational Psychologist and Leadership Coach, specializing in organizational and team development. Jonathan works with clients in higher education institutions, non-profit organizations, and for-profit organizations to create sustainable and thriving cultures that encourage diversity, equity, inclusivity, and justice. Jonathan also hosts a podcast called Real Talk with Dumas Podcast, where he has meaningful and substantive conversations on society and culture.

Jonathan and Thomas talk about growing up and their relationships with their parents, Jonathan’s podcast, why white people struggle to talk about race, and the idea of creating a “call in” culture as opposed to call out culture.

2:30 – Jonathan’s background
3:45 – Urban vs Rural living 
6:15 – Jonathan’s podcast and the inspiration / strategy behind it originally
9:15 – Jonathan’s relationship with his mom and the dyanmic of her being a young parent and Thomas’ relationship with his parents’ after their divorce
18:15 – Calling people and the friends who you know not to call
20:15 – Jonathan’s work in DE&I work & how few companies and people follow through on DE&I commitments
22:35 – White peoples’ inability to take about race and creating “brave spaces” for white people to speak up
29:00 – Jonathan’s advice on how to have conversations about race & the concept of “calling in” vs “calling out”
31: 55 – Pros and Cons of call out culture and the ways that cable news and social media make issues dichotomous
41:15 – The lack of representation in leadership in American politics
43:15 – Jonathan’s advice on how to make big issues less daunting & taking breaks from social media
47:15 – 3 Things Game 

  • Jonathan’s question – what are three lessons that took you the longest to learn 
  • Thomas’ question – what are three things you have learned about confidence?

Jonathan’s Podcast

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