022- Diana Indries, Creator of “Better Topics”, a Conversation Game for Couples

022- Diana Indries is the creator of Better Topics, a game designed to facilitate meaningful conversation for couples that breaks through the normalcy and contentment that settles on relationships over time. Diana and Thomas discuss her path to entrepreneurship, how the game works and the things she has learned about maintaining a successful relationship from the experience of designing and deploying the game.

2:30 – Diana’s background and the creativity behind creating an intentional game 
7:15 – How did Diana have the confidence to leave her career and start a business?
12:15 – Ways that the Better Topics game opens up new lines of conversation in old couples
16:15 – The lack of education around how to enter and succeed in a relationship & the mechanism of how this game helps couples succeed
26:45 – The concept of growing together as a couple and how to make that ideal a reality
28:10 – secret sauce to a successful relationship- maintain the habits that made the relationship successful in a relationship
30:45 – start with self-love 
36:15 – couples oscillating between the masculine and feminine 

·       Who were Diana’s role models growing up? 

40:30 – 3 Things Game

–          Diana’s question – 3 things you have learned about passion

–          Thomas question – 3 things you have learned from your mother


Better Topics – Fun & Replayable Card Game For Couples
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