024- Musician Series: Michael Incognito

024- On the inaugural episode of the new Musician Series of the Bro Nouveau Podcast, Thomas is joined by his friend Michael, who records and performs asMichael Incognito.


3:00 – The current state of Michael’s music & life
7:00 – music as a way to connect and express & how to pick the right live show for you
15:00 – How money adds pressure and removes the authenticity of music
19:30 – privilege and how it manifests in the music industry
23:00 – music and Michael’s journey to self – acceptance
29:00 – ways men can break free of conditioned homophobia
35:00 – what happens when we let people be themselves & having tough conversations
45:45 – rapid fire music questions and the 3 things game
 – Thomas’ Question – what are three things you have learned about respect?
– Michael’s Questions- what are three things you would share with your younger self?

Michael’s Instagram
Michael’s Spotify

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