019 – Lily Walford

019 – Lily Walford is an international dating coach who enables busy professionals to date safely and successfully using CIA level behavioral psychology, profiling and body language frameworks. Thomas and Lily discuss her path to this career, how to handle relationships with narcissists, and practical tips for reading body language in a date setting.

2:30 – Lily’s path and experiences that led her to being a dating coach 
10:25 – Dealing with narcissists in a relationship & how to deal with them with empathy
21:25 – the effects of childhood on identity and our adult lives 
23:40 – motivational intelligence training 
27:25 – body language
34:25 – what lessons does Lilly have for men who are trying to date?
40:25 – 3 Things Game  Lily- what are 3 things you have learned from spending time alone?
– Thomas – what are three things you have learned about anger?

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