020 – Mark Henick

020- In 2002, Mark Henick was about to jump from an overpass when a stranger grabbed him and dragged him back over the railing. Today, he is an internationally recognized mental health strategist, advocate, speaker, and media commentator. His TEDx talk is one of the most watched in the world. He regularly speaks to diverse audiences about mental health, hope, and recovery.

Thomas and Mark discuss his life since becoming a full time mental health advocate, practical steps individuals can take to improve their mental health, how to pick the right therapist, and how Mark maintains his own mental health these days. Mark’s memoir, So-Called Normal: A Memoir of Family, Depression and Resilience. 

1:45 – Mark’s intro and the person who stopped him from jumping off a bridge
7:30 – toxic masculinity and trying to fit in 
9:15 – is there any value to the “suck it up, toughen up” mentality?  
14:50 – the topic of neurodiversity as a tool to build empathy
18:45 – what’s the first step to addressing one own’s mental health? 
24:00 – how do I evaluate the right fit for a therapist?
29:30 – developing an analytical mindset and self-improvement 
34:00 – Mark’s new project  and the cognitive triad of thinking – feeling – behaving 
40:30 – Three Things Game 

·       Mark’s question – what are three things you have learned about success? 

·       Thomas’ question – what are three things you have learned about listening? 

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