006- The Art of Storytelling with Jeni B

006- Thomas and Jeni B, the host of the “This is it Actually” Podcast discuss the art of storytelling, finding positivity in challenging times, and what Jeni learned about male conditioning after observing her father’s terminal illness.

This is It Actually Podcast
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1:45 – What is the “this is it actually” podcast? 
8:30 – Time Management & Being a Mom 
13:10- How to tell a good story
16:00 – Finding your voice
22:00 – Finding positivity in challenging times 
25:00 – Men’s conditioning and self care 
26:30 – Asking for feedback and acknowledging mistakes
32:00 – Saying Sorry 
33:00 – Jeni’s father and his end of life 
40:00 – 3 Things Game

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