005-Overcoming Anxiety and Active Listening 101 with Clay

005 – Thomas and Clay sit down to discuss anxiety and how people can overcome it. They also cover how to develop an authentically inclusive mindset, what straight people don’t understand about being gay, and how straight men can improve their interactions with women they want to date. 

2:00 – Understanding Anxiety vs Depression
4:00 – Clay’s Story
10:32 – Realizing Clay had anxiety in college
18:00 – Dealing with shame around anxiety
21:00 – Clay’s recommendations for addressing anxiety
28:00 – HSP (Highly Sensitive Person)
31:30 – Clay’s observations of how straight men interact with women
33:35 – Things straight men should understand about gay men
36:30 – Developing an authentically inclusive mindset
39:00 – How to listen actively
40:45 – 3 Things Game

Highly Sensitive Person
Online Therapy Options
3 Things Game
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