007 – Discovering Nuance with Humanist Farzad Khosravi

007 – Thomas and Farzad discuss Farzad’s origin story as an immigrant to the US from Iran in the early 2000s, how he incorporates the scientific method into his examination of the world, and how to take the first steps in thinking for yourself. They also discuss the importance of asking for feedback and taking ownership of mistakes, and touch on the fundamentals of behavioral economics and Farzad’s project Cicero. 

Farzad’s Consultancy


Socratic Method

Allegory of the Cave

The Demon-Haunted World by Carl Sagan
First Principle

Selection Bias

Effective Altruism

Daniel Kahneman

Dan Ariely

Cornel West

3 Things Game
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1:00 – Farzad’s origin story and what it means to be American
3:30 – Being a freethinker and not being afraid of the consequences
8:00 – Farzad’s discovery of science and how it affected his worldview
10:00 – How to adopt a more discerning mindset
12:45 – How PC is too PC?
18:15 – Basics of behavioral economics
20:30 – Farzad’s Cicero Project and Nuance in Political Discourse
32:30 – Authenticity & Friendship
37:00 – 3 Things Game

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