004 – Overcoming the Judgement of Others and Limitless Theory with Dillan Foss

004 – Thomas is joined by athletic trainer, nutritionist and entrepreneur Dillan Foss on this weeks edition of the Bro Nouveau Podcast.

The pair discuss Dillan’s mindset around business, how he ended up in a non-traditional career path, how to overcome the judgment of others, ways to provide accountability and structure for young people, mental health, and how to build tolerance.

Dillan’s Website
3 Things Game


3:05 – Dillan’s background, athletic training, nutrition and Limitless Theory
10:00 – Dillan’s philosophy in business
17:15 – What’s with the secrecy around vertical marketing 
21:30 – Overcoming the judgement of others
29:20 – Dillan and Thomas’ experiences with mental health 
36:30 – Empowering language in everyday life 
37:30 – Why have we built an external environment but not invested internally as a society? 
40:30 – Rites of passage and rituals 
48:30 – Retention & Recall vs Critical Thinking 
49:15 – Marty the Ledge 
50:30- How does Dillan engage with the concept of White Privilege? 
59:15 – Three Things Game

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