096- A Spotlight on the American Military Veteran Experience

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Fire For Effect Athletics (FFE) is a US military veteran owned and operated olympic lifting, strongman, and cross-training gym in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. FFE programming is designed for everyone, regardless of physical ability or age. FEE trainers customize workouts to benefit people at all life stages and abilities – elite athletes, kids and octogenarians.

This weeks episode features James Taulbee, owner and coach, Tracey Taulbee, general manager and coach, and Adam Trapanotto, manager and coach.


0:30: FFE Team Intro

8:30 – Odd Object vs Barbell Workouts

12:30 – Moving Heavy Odd Objects Quickly Over Great Distances

28:00 – The mental side of exercise and an active lifestyle

35:00 – Disintegration of community and neighborhoods – knowing your neighbors is rarer today than in the past

45:00 – What are the things civilians don’t know about the veteran experience?

60:00 – Leadership and Ego

65:00 – Veteran Mental Health and Suicide; helping each other thrive


FFE website: https://www.fireforeffectath.com/

FFE instagram: instagram.com/fireforeffectathletics

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