095- You Can Achieve Homeownership

Purchasing a home is one of the most signifiant, and intimidating, purchases an individual will make in their lifetime. Luckily, DJ Olojo, an Atlanta-based real estate investor, has a passion for educating the public on the benefits of homeownership and how they can achieve it.


1:30 – DJ’s path to real estate investing

6:00 – Pushing through self-limiting beliefs

11:00 – Economic benefits of homeownership

14:00 – Options to Avoid Foreclosure

20:00 – Understanding equity, mortgages

32:00 – How to assess price, mortgage and long-term profitability

36:00 – Low income earners can benefit the most from owning a home relative to wealthier individuals

47:00 – Pros and Cons of gentrification in major cities

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