056 – How Men Can Develop Genuine (Rather than Superficial) Confidence, with Bri Tartaglione

056 – Bri Tartaglione is a certified school counselor with a M.A. in Counseling Psychology and and EdM in School Counseling. After a sudden medical condition left Bri temporarily paralyzed, she reoriented away from formal counseling and toward  conscious counseling with private clients. Thomas and Bri discuss changing career paths, the difference between coaching and therapy, how men can step away from external validation and toward intrinsic value, and how to develop healthy confidence grounded in self-love and tolerance, rather than superficial bravado. 

2:00 – Bri’s introduction & podcast; health scare and pivot away from school counseling 
8:00 – the mental switch Bri had to take moving into coaching from counseling 
10:00 – therapy is working on the historical self, coaching is more about identifying & developing into the future self 
13:30 – Bri’s formative experiences and fundamental influences 
21:00 – How can men shed outside perspective and chart their own path? 
27:00 – understanding identity as a nonlinear spectrum 
31:00 – It’s okay to ask questions and not understand the social changes unfolding in 2022 
34:00 – How to develop healthy confidence
38:00 – Rapid Fire & Spark by Seek Discomfort Game: 

  • Bri’s Question: What is your most cherished memory? 
  • Thomas’ Question: out of my entire family, whose death would affect me the most and why 

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