055 – How to Leverage Etiquette to Stand Out and Open Doors, with Kristi Spencer

055 – Kristi Spencer is a journalist with 25 years of broadcast and news management experience. She recently launched a coaching business around her passion for sharing the message that manners matter.  Kristi is well versed in all etiquette topics concerning business, dining, and social etiquette. Kristi and Thomas discuss how to apply etiquette to various areas of life and how the principles can help anyone stand out.

:00 – what is etiquette? 
9:30- what does etiquette training look like? 
16:00 – safety trumps etiquette 
22:45 – what does How we dress communicate to others? 
26:00 – it’s easy to stand out in a less polite and less formal society 
34:00- table manners: don’t be gross & learn how to carry a conversation 
40:00 – rapid fire questions 
43:00 – spark by seek discomfort question game 

  • Thomas’ question: is there something that makes me feel guilty, and if so, how do I manage it? 
  • Kristie’s question: who was your first best friend and what did you like about that friendship?