039 – Expat Life and Club Rugby in China with Patrick Rosevear

039- Patrick Rosevear is an intellectual property lawyer from Wellington, New Zealand who has lived in China for the last ten years. Patrick and friends have founded two rugby clubs in China that promote cross cultural communication and play in local leagues. The clubs bring amateur players, men and women, from all over the world to China to play rugby. 

Thomas and Patrick discuss Patrick’s journey from NZ to China, what keeps him there, the perception vs reality of life in China, how English speaking westerners think learning a foegin language is harder than it is, and the importance of creating a safe environment in a sports team. Any ruggers keen for an adventure abroad check out www.chinarugbyrecruitment.com 

2:45 – Background and upbringing in Wellington NZ 
7:45 – taking a jump and leaving home 
10:45 going out and lifestyle differences in China
14:45- how Patrick ended up founding rugby clubs in China 
18:45 – the Soviet model of professional sports in Chin and how it impact individual vs team sports performance 
25:00 – The perception vs reality of life in China 
31:45 – Patrick’s story of ending up on a Chinese dating show 
33:45 – It’s not impossible to learn a foreign language (1,500 words + 150 hours of conversation) 
38:45 – how has Patrick changed as a person living abroad for 10 years? 
41:45 – how has Patrick approached creating a healthy culture in his rugby clubs?
50:45 – advantages of entrepreneurship and working for yourself 
53:45 – 3 Things Game 

  • Patrick’s question – what are three things you have learned about respect? 
  • Thomas’ question – what are three things you have learned about commitment?