048 – “Men, Go to Therapy” with Jenna Noelle Porter

048- Jenna Noelle Porter is a professional photographer, creative business mentor, and world traveler. It’s her ambition to give back to her creative community by sharing her insights on navigating the creative industry. Thomas and Jenna discuss how to maintain passion in a craft that is also a full time job, how men at weddings she shoots often mansplain photography to her, how everyone, especially men, can benefit from therapy, and how entrepreneurs can identify their ideal customer and align their business with their values. 

1:30- Jenna’s path to photography 
4:00 – How does Jenna keep the passion for photography alive while it is her full time job? 
13:00 – Capturing the moment and affection in a wedding photoshoot 
15:00 – Wedding faux pos for men to avoid (from a female photographer’s perspective) 
20:00 – Jenna avoids hiring a second male shooter because the other men at the wedding will assume he is in charge. 
28:00 – Jenna’s new mentoring business for new photography entrepreneurs 
31:00 – How can an entrepreneur identify their ideal customer and shift their business to align with their intrinsic purpose?
41:00 – “Spark” by Seek Discomfort Conversation Game:

  • Thomas’ Question- is there anything your parents did that you vow not to?
  • Jenna’s Question- do you owe anyone an apology?

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