108 – Media Literacy and American Politics with John Pierce

108 – John Pierce is a public sector servant and consultant, having worked for the cities of Philadelphia, Alexandria and San Francisco, as well as consulting for national governments.


3:00 – Media Literacy; choosing information sources. Vaccine hesitancy, Jared Kushner, Russia & Ukraine, Israel & Palestine 

13:00 – Pernicious Ideologies & How to Engage with them. Examples: American Civil War

22:00 – Conspiratorial thinking is selfish 

28:00 – Are the conventional understandings of liberalism and conservatism accurate? 2-Party realignment in the 1960s, welfare state, 

40:00 – Civil Rights post 2020; improving outcomes for the poor and people of color. Potential solutions; funding education, entrepreneurship 

54:00 – How impactful is the money going to Ukraine on the US Budget? 

56:00 – Morality ; being a good man 

Items Referenced:


Anti-Intellectualism in American Life