098- This Podcast Will Improve Your Work Performance

Regardless of your job title and industry, you have customers. Your external customers are the businesses who pay money for your services, the individuals who view your advertisements, and donors who fund your organization. Internal customers are the people who you work with every day, who support your objectives directly or indirectly.

This week’s guest on the Bro Nouveau Podcast, Andrew Hamburger, is a Strategic Enterprise Account Executive at Salesloft, an American software company valued at $1.1B in 2021. For the last 15 years, Andrew has worked as an individual contributor and sales leader, giving him a unique perspective on sales performance, sales management and relationship management with internal and external customers.

Andrew’s refections on driving consensus in a large groups, passing praise on to teammates, being graceful in competitive environments, and identifying your professional niche will improve your work performance, regardless of your current job title.


0:30 – Andrew’s background and introduction to a sales careers

7:00 – you need to be face to face with your customers in 2923

14:00 – If they won’t put you in the room, they are not your champion

24:00 – Interacting with the competition

30:00 – Internal Customers

39:00 – Evaluating organizations to work at, understanding your own niche

Connect with Andrew on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/andrewhamburger/

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