052 – How to Deliver a Great Speech with Marcus Bales

052- Marcus Bales is a professional speaker, author, and coach. His upcoming book, Don’t Shut Up: A Collection of Stories and Advice on How to Overcome Social Anxiety,  is a compilation of Marcus’ own experience growing up with—and eventually overcoming—debilitating social anxiety, as well as tried and true tips and techniques for anyone struggling with this incredibly common disorder.

2:00 – Living in Austin, TX, pros and cons of quick growth in a city
4:30 – Marcus’ book, Don’t Shut Up
11:30 – conversation hacks 
21:00 – empathy building through communication 
28:00 identity based habits 
34:00 – importance of communication for career advancement 
40:00 – How can organizations help remote teams connect? 
43:00 – Self love 
47:00 – 3 Things Game 

Marcus’ Book