047 – How to Form Deeper Friendships with Lee Hopkins

Coach Lee Hopkins is a communication coach who helps his clients build lasting and meaningful relationships. Lee is a transgender man who leverages his personal journey with clients and emphasizes the importance of vulnerability with oneself and others as essential to building meaningful relationships. Lee and Thomas discuss a variety of topics, including how there is no silver bullet to our problems, how to draw boundaries with empathy, and how the sharing the mundane aspects of our lives are essential for deep and durable relationships.   

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1:00 – Lee’s introduction – transgender identity and work as a coach 
4:15 – There is no silver bullet 
11:00 – Lee’s life pre transition and what motivated him to transition?
21:30 – Boundaries in relationships: Needs, Negotiables and Nevers 
24:30 – Don’t Ignore the things that you are angry about 
33:00 – Lessons on true friendship and maintaining friendship – sharing the mundane 
37:30 – How can someone make better relationships?
47:30 – How to draw boundaries with empathy 
49:30 – 3 Things Game 

  • Lee’s Question: what are three things you have learned about wealth? 
  • Thomas’ Questions – what are three things you would like to tell your younger self