045 – Suicide Prevention and Preventative Mental Health with Drew Bergman

045 – Drew Bergman is a longtime friend of Thomas’. He is a mental health advocate, nonprofit consultant, entrepreneur and former professional public speaker. Drew talks Thomas through his timeline of attempting suicide in high school, his path to becoming open and honest about his mental health journey, challenging the taboo around discussing suicide, and the nuts and bolts of preventative mental health.

2:15 – Drew’s background 
5:45 – Drew’s speech to the student body junior year and pushing through superficial social connections
19:00 – Crafting the story into a powerful speech for any group of students
22:45 – Pivoting away from consistent speaking 
26:15 – How to break out of traditional male conditioning 
28:30 – The pitfalls of chasing money and ignoring true self care 
31:30 – What is therapy really like?
39:30 – Drew’s core values 
44:30 – 3 Things Game 

  • Thomas’s Question: what are three things your mother taught you
  • Drew’s Questions: what are three things you have learned from being lost? 

Find a Therapist here
The Trevor Project: resources for anxiety, depression, substance abuse, suicide and LGBTQ issues

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