043- Colton from the Macho Mecca Podcast

043- Thomas is joined by Colton from the Macho Mecca podcast. Colton’s show started out a look back at WWE’s biggest stars, with interviews about their personal lives, and has since evolved into discussions on dating and intergender dynamics. Colton references Rollo Tomassi’s “The Rational Man” as a foundation for his perspectives. While the pair have differing opinions on some of the topics, the conversation models healthy discussion between two open-minded people. 

3:15 – Colton’s Show, Macho Mecca, and the vision behind the show 
6:30 – Colton’s upbringing and his male role models as a child 
10:00 – What is it about boxing training that people love so much? 
13:30 – Colton’s podcast has a listeners’ questions section, what kind of questions does he field? 
17:15 – A majority of divorces are initiated by women, Thomas and Colton’s diverging theories on why that is 
31:30 – Colton’s perspective on what it means to be a good man 
34:30 – What is the “alpha” identity that we see in pop culture and social media?
38:30 – 3 Things Game 

  • Colton’s Question- what are three things your last romantic partner taught him? 
  • Thomas’ Question – what are three things you have learned about anger?

Colton’s podcast, Macho Mecca

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