021- Success Left A Clue with Robert Riopel

021 – Robert Riopel is a trainer an public speaker who coaches individuals on how to master their own life and unlock their potential. He and his wife turned around went from 150k in personal debt to financially free and building considerable wealth. Along the way, Robert has pursued his own self improvement and distilled his lessons in a book titled “Success Left a Clue”.

Robert and Thomas discuss how Robert got out of considerable debt, how he approaches self improvement, how Robert and his wife sustain and strengthen their marriage,  how men can be more authentic and in touch with their feelings, and how we can start the journey to financial freedom.

3:05 – “i will design my day in such a way that procrastination cannot play” 
4:35 – Robert and his wife’s personal debt journey – “rich people think long term”

  • passive income vs working income 
  • the concept of “time freedom”

9:35 – Sherry Huber How You do Anything is How you do Everything
12:40 – The power of reaching out to friends and family to ask “how are you”
15:05 – Having a friend who you can vent to no questions asked and no feedback 
17:10 – the trap  of beating oneself up when we don’t pick things up right away 
23:00 – the work behind the scene required to achieve success 
26:05 – the balance of masculine and feminine in all of us (work by author David Data )
32:05 – What’s the secret sauce behind Robert’s 32 year marriage? 
38:15 – the concept of  quality over quantity when it comes to time with family on the road to success 
41:35 – the trap of not letting the ego breathe and the value of finding a healthy expression for it 
44:20 – 3 Things Game 

  • Robert’s Question- What Are 3 Things You Have Learned About Competition? 
  • Thomas’ Question – What Are 3 Things You Have From Being Sick?

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