010- Mature Masculinity with Wellness Coach Jeff Siegel

010- Health coach Jeff Siegel takes an integrative approach to healthy living. His personal training style is a unique blend of fitness, science and spirituality.  

Thomas and Jeff sit down to discuss the eating disorder that influences Jeff’s approach to nutrition coaching, what it means to be a good man, what Jeff has learned about himself through his marriage, and how to connect authentically with other people. 

2:00 – Building back the body to living pain-free\
4:45 – The Big Cs of Eating Habits
9:30 – Limitations of nutritional science 
11:15 – Jeff’s path to nutrition and wellness via an eating disorder
17:30 – Mature v Immature Masculinity and the next generation of kids 
29:30 – Marriage and long term relationships 
37:30 – The balance between caring for others and being an individual
41:30 – 3 Things Game 

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3 Things Game
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