008 – Paul Boggie, Author of Heroin to Hero (Part 1)

008 – Thomas is joined by Paul Boggie, author of Heroin to Hero, the real story about his life as a heroin addict in Scotland and how he was eventually able to get sober. Paul is on a mission to educate people on the realities of addiction and provide hope for those suffering from substance abuse. You can find Paul’s book on Amazon here. All profits from book go toward homelessness services in Scotland.

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3:40 – What does it mean to be an addict? 
7:00 – Paul’s outreach to schools and prisons
10:00 – The connection between homelessness and addiction
14:00 – Paul’s first exposure to heroin 
21: 00 – The bond between addicts 
30:00 – Buying fake drugs 
36:15 – 3 Things Game