002- Talking About Race With Tom King

Host Thomas Pierce is joined by longtime friend Tom King as they discuss their personal privilege and how systemic racism in the United States plays out in everyday life. The discussion is framed by the work of two anti-racism scholars, Dr. Peggy McIntosh and Dr. Robin DiAngelo. With plenty of comedic relief as the two laugh at the absurdity of white fragility and the rejection of people of color’s lived experiences, the two model what an honest conversation about race can look like for white people.

The second half of the episode broadens out into mental health and how men interact with each other as the pair identify some of the components that constitute toxic masculinity. The two model what a healthy relationship between two straight men can look like as they discuss their lives and ways to develop more compassion in men.

Items Referenced:

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” White Fragility and the Rules of Engagement” –  Dr. Robin DiAngelo

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13th Amendment to the US Constitution

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